What Losing Cases Have in Common

There are four things that losing cases have in common:

1.  No Lawyer- There is a reason why lawyers go to law school and have to pass a rigorous exam to practice law.  The law is confusing and always changing no matter what the field.  Most cases are rarely cut and dry, and an experienced attorney knows the details of the law to make sure your case is valued to its fullest.  

2.  No Credibility- If you have a work injury or accident injury, don't exaggerate it to prove a point or try to recover more than what your case is worth.  If you have not been injured, there is no reason to bring a case for damages.

3.  No Proof- If you have suffered a work-related injury or if you have been in an accident that was caused by someone's negligence, you have the burden of proof. Without medical evidence, a police report, witness, or a detailed description of what happened, there is not proof of the extent of your injury and no evidence to show fault.

4.  No Expert- An expert witness can help solidify your case by explaining why or how something happened, or provide an expert opinion based on their credentials and experience.  

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