5 Things to Know About Workman’s Comp in Iowa

Have you suffered a serious work related injury? Protect your rights and receive proper compensation thanks to Nicholas Pohitikis Law firm. Workmans comp in Iowa can be a hassle to get without proper representation. Pothitakis Law Firm specializes in workman s comp in Iowa law so you can stand up to big business and corporate interest with a level playing field.

Employers and insurance carriers hold a lot of power when it comes to workman s comp in Iowa. They have great resources. They can take advantage of injured workers. We even wrote the book on the common mistakes people make when they're injured at work. It's a free download available exclusive through our office.

Did you realize that thousands of Iowa workers are injured each year in on-the-job accidents or job-related illnesses? The road to recovery can be long. Access to benefits can be denied or delayed. Workman s comp Iowa can be a horrible maze to get through especially as families and individuals pay the price for injury and illness.

Five things to know about workman s comp in Iowa include:

• Identify your employer Immediately
• Get medical care and second opinions, keep appointments
• Bills should be paid only by Iowa workers' comp insurance
• Don't accept company insurance figures as fact
• Don't assume workers' comp insurance is on your side

Under Iowa law, failure to notify an employer within 90 days of the injury is cause for dismissal. You should take of this as soon as possible. It's important to seek medical care immediately. You're in a much better position with documentation and treatment. Half the battle is just showing up sometimes. Make sure you keep all medical and therapy appointments. Failure to do so undercuts your claim.

Don't make the mistake of going through the employer's health insurance carrier. You have to go to a workers' compensation insurance carrier to ensure bills are filed properly and deductibles are taken care of properly. Don't accept company benefit calculations. They're not on your side. Get a second medical opinion if needed. You're entitled to one and it may help substantiate your claim.

Keep in mind that the workers' compensation insurance carrier will try to minimize the amount your entitled to in order to save costs. They're in the business of making money, not protecting your interests.

It's important to know your rights and have them protected. Workers' compensation can be confusing. You need to focus on healing not arguing with insurance companies and employers. Some of the leading causes of injuries Iowans deal with include:

• Falls - Very common workplace slips and plummets
• Vehicular Accidents - Driving can be hazardous
• Objects - Moving and falling objects are dangerous
• Machinery - Industry, agriculture operations
• Physical Assault - Workplace violence is rising
• Repetitive Stress - Backs, eyes, wrists, all over
• Environmental Hazards - Toxic mold, chemicals, asbestos, more

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