5 Things You Need to Know About Worker’s Comp In Iowa

Worker's comp cases in Iowa can be a hassle and tough on families with employers and insurance companies holding all the cards. When it comes time to level the playing field, and get benefits fairly and more quickly, it's time to find a worker s comp Iowa attorney to fight for your side. That's where Nicholas Pohatikis Law Firm serving Davenport, Burlington, Dubuque, Bettendorf, and Fort Madison and surrounding areas enters the picture. Experienced worker s comp Iowa law firm staff knows the ins and outs of the often confusing process.

It's essential to know your worker s comp Iowa rights, so they can be protected. Injured workers, and others, need to focus on healing, not extensive discoveries and disputes over rightly deserved benefits. Some of the leading workplace, and related, injuries Hawkeye State residents endure includes:

• Common workplace slips and falls
• Driving accidents and collisions
• Falling and moving objects at workplaces
• Physical assault on the job
• Backs, eyes, wrists injured by repetitive stress
• toxic mold, asbestos, multiple environmental hazards
• On-the-job machinery for farming, industry operations

Worker s comp Iowa is a complicated process requiring insider knowledge and dedicated professionals to get right. Employer health insurance carriers definitely don't want claimants to get what's fair. They're trying to minimize costs and blame. Company calculations always favor the company.

To get a legitimate worker s comp Iowa claim paid, it's important to go through the workers compensation insurance carrier. Even then, injured parties have to protect their rights. This carrier also seeks to minimize costs and insists on all paperwork, filings, and sometimes complicated information, be submitted perfectly. Any deviation results in injury settlements being diminished or dismissed entirely.

When injuries occur, claimants must immediately seek medical assistance, or at least within 90 days. Employers must be contacted as soon as possible. A fast, pro-active posture puts claimants in significantly better bargaining positions as they possess better documentation and get better treatment.

It's important to get a second medical opinion. Also, make sure you make all medical appointments. This show you're serious about the claim and need the medical help.

Five things yo need to know about worker's comp in Iowa include:

• Timely Action -- You must report and file claims immediately
• Medical Action -- Get immediate medical care, keep appointments
• Employers Insurance -- Don't accept company insurance offers
• Worker's Comp Insurance -- Not always on your side, take great care
• Know Your Rights -- Protecting rights and benefits takes professional help

Recovery is a tough process. So is recovering lost wages and future earnings. Benefit access often is delayed or even denied. It's a tough road for families and individuals whose expenses pile up while earning power powers down.

Pohatikis Law Firm wrote the book on this process. It's available at our web site for free downloads. Contact Pohatikis Law Firm through toll-free phone, email, or visit our office today for more information or how we can fight for your rights. No-obligation consultations show what can be done, and more.

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