Attorney for Workman’s Comp in Iowa

It's crummy being injured on the job or as a result of work-related events. An even bigger drag is having rightful benefits delayed or even denied. Employers and their insurance companies hold all the advantages. That's why an effective attorney for workman's comp in Iowa can make all the difference between long hassles and getting what's due. Nicholas Pohatikis Law Firm provides experienced workman's comp representation for Dubuque, Burlington, Davenport, Fort Madison, and Bettendorf, along with surrounding areas.

It's essential to have the top attorney for workman's comp in Iowa to protect rights for those injured at the workplace, so injured workers can focus on recovery. Many times without proper representation workers are denied benefits. Pohatikis attorney for workman's comp in Iowa levels the playing field. They even wrote the book with a free guide to workman's comp issues and rights available for download.

Did you now the five things you need to do when suffering a work-related injury? They include:

  • Immediate notification of employers about the injury
  • Promptly get medical care and second opinions, don't miss appointments
  • Don't believe company insurance figures at all costs
  • Realize Iowa workers' comp insurance pays the bills
  • Don't believe Iowa workers' comp insurance will pay what you want

The multitude of other workplace related injuries include:

  • Common workplace falls, slips, and slides
  • Toxic mold, asbestos, chemicals, environmental hazards
  • Falling objects or moving objects
  • Accidents while driving or traveling
  • Industrial and farming machinery accidents
  • Workplace violence, assault on the jonb
  • Backs, wrists, eyes and other repetitive stress injuries

An attorney for workman's comp in Iowa will represent workers through the entire workman's comp process. Workers must notify employers of injuries within 90 days of the incident or face dismissal. Victims should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Besides needing treatment for recovery, this demonstrates the seriousness of the situation. After that, it's a good idea to get a second medical opinion to further the case. Job-related illness also fall under workman's comp guidelines.

Make no mistake, it's a case that calls for a top attorney for workman's comp in Iowa who knows the ins and outs of the system. Companies will try to persuade injured workers to accept settlement quotes from company insurance companies. Just say no. They are trying to minimize the damages and aren't on your side.

Nick Pohatikis and his law firm of seasoned professionals guide injured workers and their families through the complicated process with the official Iowa worker's compensation insurance carrier. Paperwork must be filed properly and deductibles paid. Thousands of Iowans are injured on the job each year. Having someone on your side who knows your rights and fights for them is a necessity to avoid getting run over by the arduous worker's compensation process.

Feel free to get in touch with Pohatikis Law Firm today with any questions about workman's comp or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Pohatikis and company can be reached by email, toll-free phone or in person.

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