Comp in Iowa

An accident at work can affect your life in many ways, and some effects can be long-term or permanent in nature. Some of the most common workplace injuries include burns from a fire, injury from a slip and fall accident, improper or heavy lifting and more. Some workers may regularly perform dangerous activities. For example, utility workers may climb to the top of electricity poles to work on power lines, and manufacturing workers may work with heavy industrial equipment. Others, however, may become injured in relatively safe jobs, such as working as a real estate agent or a financial analyst. The fact is that workplace accidents can happen to anyone, and all will benefit from working with a workmans comp attorney in Iowa after an accident.

Worker’s comp in Iowa is available to many workers, and its purpose is to reimburse you for some or all of your accident-related expenses. It is used to pay for medical care like hospital bills, doctor’s fees, rehabilitation costs and other care that you may need. In addition, it also can ease the burden that you and your family may feel if you are unable to work and earn a living for a period of time. A workmans compensation attorney in Iowa can help you to learn more about your rights for worker’s compensation and can help you to determine if you qualify for this benefit.

Some employers provide their employees with inaccurate information regarding their ability to earn worker’s comp in Iowa, and this may be unintentional due to misinformation or intentional. When this happens, some worker’s may file to pursue the compensation that they are entitled to. At Pothitakis Law Firm P.C., you can work with a workman’s compensation attorney in Iowa who can help you to explore your rights and who can represent you when you file a claim. The legal team has many years of experience fighting for their clients' rights, and they have a lengthy history of success with assisting them in getting the worker's comp in Iowa claim that they rightfully deserve.


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