Workers' Compensation Claimants Blame Toxic Chemical Exposure from DuPont for Illnesses

Dupont factory in Ohio

DuPont was ordered to pay an additional $10.1 million in punitive damages to Kenneth Vigneron, a man who claimed that he developed testicular cancer from chemical exposure leaked from a DuPont plant.  This is the third time a jury has awarded damages to individuals for injuries linked to a chemical used to make Teflon at DuPont.  The first trial awarded $1.6 million in damages to a woman who had kidney cancer.  The second trial awarded $5.1 million to a man who said he got testicular cancer from drinking water contaminated with the chemical.  Then in December, a federal jury awarded Kenneth Vigneron $2 million in compensatory damages.  His additional award of $10.1 million was for punitive damages because the jury found the company to be negligent and acted maliciously.

The chemical leak from the DuPont plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia allegedly contaminated local water supplies and has been linked to six diseases including the two cancers listed above.  The company faces at least 3,400 lawsuits linked to the the leak.  The punitive damages awarded by the jury reflect the "conscious disregard" for residents near its West Virginia plant and sends a strong message to the company.  DuPont says it will appeal. 


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