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The unfortunate truth is that many Iowans will be injured while on the job at some point in their lives, and the result can be disastrous on many levels. They may be injured while sitting in a desk chair in a typical office environment, in a car accident while making a work-related delivery, by slipping and falling or through a wide range of other events. The fact is that many Iowans will be injured while working in rather dangerous positions, but others may be injured by something as simple as slipping on a wet floor or having a loose ceiling tile fall on their head due to improper property maintenance. At the Pothitakis Law Firm, we are an Iowa workers compensation law firm that specializes in helping individuals who have been injured on the job obtain the financial compensation they are entitled to. We have been helping clients in Ottumwa, Iowa for 20 years, our offices are in Burlington and Keokuk.

The Effects of a Workplace Injury

The effects of a workplace injury may be relatively minor and short-lived, but they can also be costly and may even affect a person for the rest of his or her life. Regardless of how severe your injury is, an Ottumwa Iowa work comp attorney can help you to learn more about the costly effects of the event. When you are injured at work, you may need medical attention. This may include an emergency room visit, surgical procedures, lab tests, rehabilitative or therapy services, medications and more. In addition, you may be unable to work, and you may experience financial suffering related to loss of income. You may also experience a disability that limits your quality of life and that prevents you from returning to a skilled job that you were previously trained for, and this disability can affect your ability to earn an income for the rest of your life.

While the severity of your injury will affect how financially burdensome your work-related injury may be, the fact is that you do need to understand your rights. It can be challenging for Iowans to learn more about their rights regarding workers compensation Ottumwa Iowa on their own. While you may reasonably expect to obtain some information about your rights from your employer, the unfortunate truth is that that all employees understand workman’s comp Ottumwa Iowa, so an employer may not be the best resource to use for reliable information. You can also contact the worker’s compensation office directly, but it can be challenging to get someone to provide you with personal assistance at this office.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

When you have been injured on the job, it is imperative that you seek the financial compensation that you are entitled to through a claim for Ottumwa Iowa workers compensation. However, you are not required to use the services of a lawyer in order to file a claim. You can attempt to walk through the complicated and challenging process of filing a claim for work comp Ottumwa Iowa on your own. Keep in mind that you also may be dealing with complicated, painful or even debilitating health issues at this time in your life. A better option is to seek the professional services of a lawyer at the Pothitakis Law Firm for assistance with your claim for workers compensation Ottumwa Iowa. Your lawyer can provide you with a number of important benefits that can help you to enjoy the best outcome possible.

The fact is that many people who have attempted to walk through the process of filing a claim for workman’s comp Ottumwa Iowa have ultimately decided to hire an attorney with expertise in workman’s comp cases. Some have run into issues with unnecessary delays with the insurance carrier or the employer, an unfair denial of a claim, a settlement that was far lower than what should have been offered, an employer who has fired an employee after attempting to file a claim and more. The right lawyer working for you with your work comp Ottumwa Iowa claim will represent your interests and fight for your rights. The team at Pothitakis Law Firm strives to make every effort possible to ensure that the claim is processed with haste and that the full amount of the settlement that the client is owed is awarded to the client. Furthermore, unfair denials and unlawful termination related to a worker’s compensation case can be combatted with the services of a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law.



What to Look for in a Workers Compensation Lawyer

After you have been injured at work, the last thing that you want to think about is the possibility that you may be taken advantage of or treated unfairly by the insurance carrier or your employer. However, this is an unfortunate outcome that complicates the matter of dealing with a workplace injury for many people. If you have made the decision to work with a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation Ottumwa Iowa cases, you want to carefully consider which legal team you will work with. Many law firms that serve the local area will tell you that they can assist with your case. However, you want to look for a legal team that specializes in this specific area of the law. Those who work with worker’s compensation cases in Ottumwa on a daily basis are far more familiar with case law and regulations related to worker’s compensation. These are professionals who have the experience and knowledge that you can benefit from as you file your claim.

One of the most important questions that many new clients to the Pothitakis Law Firm have relates to the amount of the settlement that they can expect to receive. If you have been injured on the job recently and are interested in exploring your options more fully, it is understandable that you want to make sure that filing a claim for workman’s comp Ottumwa Iowa will be worthwhile. If your settlement may be minimal, you may want to avoid going through the process of filing a claim. When you sit down with one of our legal professionals at the Pothitakis Law Firm, you will benefit from receiving professional advice that has been tailored to you. You can expect honest, straightforward answers about the realistic outcome that you may enjoy by filing a claim for workman’s compensation. In addition, you will also be able to get all of your other legal questions answered by a professional who has devoted his career to this area of the law. You do want to have all of the information in front of you before you make a major decision like this, and the legal team at Pothitakis Law Firm will provide you with the honest answers that you need.

For many years, Niko Pothitakis at the Pothitakis Law Firm has worked tirelessly to fight for the rights of his clients. He has helped many individuals who have been injured at work obtain the full amount of benefits that they are entitled to under worker’s compensation law. If you have been injured on the job and are interested in learning more about your rights regarding worker’s compensation, you should consider the benefits associated with contacting the Pothitakis Law Firm for professional guidance with a free initial consultation.





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