Get Professional Iowa Workmans Compensation Representation

Accidents happen all the time and sometimes at work. These can prove devastating to workers and families who rely on their jobs to pay the rent and put food on the table. Corporations and insurance carriers know every trick in the book to keep people from rightful benefits or turn it into a giant hassle.

Professional Iowa workmans compensation representation stand by your side against big insurance companies and employers. When you're injured on the job or by someone else on the job, you might be entitled to financial compensation. This is especially true when injuries, pain, and disability or discomfort costs you future work and wages.

Workplace injuries can incur large medical bills. Companies and their insurance carriers many times don't want to pay out fair, much-needed, settlements. That means calling on knowledgeable professional services offered by Pohatikis Law Firm serving Bettendorf, Davenport, Burlington, Fort Madison, Dubuque, and surrounding areas.

Our lawyers and highly trained staff take on the burden of legal issues and paperwork so the injured can focus on healing and putting lives back together. We help clients avoid common mistakes that may hurt their claims.

Injuries requiring Iowa workmans compensation include:

  • Slipping, Sliding, Falling
  • Falling Objects, Moving Stress
  • Toxic Mold, Asbestos, Chemical
  • Industrial and Farm Machinery
  • Workplace Violence, Assaults
  • Wrist, Back, Body Repetitive Stress
  • Driving Accidents, Collisions,

Lives change instantly when workplace injuries occur. Going through the claims process can be an ordeal. Companies, employers, and insurance companies, even the Iowa workers compensation insurance carrier, have built-in incentives to deny or delay benefits. Pohatikis Law Firm goes head-to-head with them. We even offer a detailed e-book that's free to download at our website helping you with many thorny issues and questions.

The entire workmans compensation process in Iowa is confusing. People don't know which way to turn in the heat of the moment. Companies and insurance carriers are not on your side. Even the official Iowa workmans compensation insurance carrier is trying to cut costs. The process must be followed precisely by claimants or risk claim denial.

Know before you go information for dealing with Iowa workmans compensation injuries includes:

  • Notify employers immediately after injury
  • Notify employers within 90 days no matter what
  • Promptly get medical assistance and seek second opinions
  • Make all medical appointments or lose claims
  • Believe nothing from company insurance companies
  • Accept only Iowa workmans compensation insurance
  • Question even Iowa workers compensation insurance
  • Get experienced representation as soon as possible

The vast majority of injured workers haven't been in that position before. We fight for them every day and are aware of the latest rulings and procedures. Failure to comply with even the tiniest regulation or paper trail may cause much-needed claims to be denied or delayed. We avoid those pitfalls while helping families recover lost wages and future wages.

Our dedicated firm offers free, no-obligation appointments. To know your rights and have experienced professional fight for them, too, call us toll-free, e-mail or visit our office today for more information.

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