How to Avoid Back Problems on the Job

Iowa Back Problems Attorney - Pothitakis Law Firm P.C.Back injuries or chronic pain can occur for numerous reasons - and there is no single type of employee that experiences it more than others. From construction to general office work, every employee runs the risk of back injury. By understanding what causes back pain, you can take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Common Causes for Back Pain and Injury

There are three common factors that contribute to back pain, including:
  1. Posture - Any time an employee slouches at their desk, exaggerating their back’s curvature, which can cause muscle fatigue and injury.
  2. Repetition - Repeating movements can lead to muscle fatigue and injury.
  3. Force - When someone overexerts their body, such as moving or lifting a heavy object, they can cause serious injuries.
Sometimes an employee’s lifestyle puts them at higher risk for back problems on the job. Employees that are in poor physical condition, overweight or do not sleep properly at night can also experience back pain.

Tips for Avoiding Back Problems on the Job

There are things you can do to avoid injuries at work, including:
  • Stay Active - Being physically active means that you have a greater chance at maintaining a healthy weight. This reduces stress on your back muscles and can help prevent injury. It is recommended that most individuals should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Use Proper Posture - Your weight should remain balanced on your feet any time you are standing. If sitting, refrain from slouching and choose a chair that lets both feet rest on the ground comfortably while keeping your knees in line with your hips.
  • Lift with Caution - Regardless if your job has you lifting daily or on random occasion, you should always lift with your knees and use your core muscles. Keep the object as close to your body as possible to keep the curvature of your back aligned, and never lift something that is too heavy.
  • Be Aware of Repetitive Motions - If your job requires repetitive motions, you are at higher risk for back injury. Make sure you alternate physically demanding tasks, and always use lifting devices when available. If you are using the phone, wear a headset to avoid bending your neck constantly to one side. Always avoid unnecessary twisting, bending and reaching while at work.
  • Listen to Your Body’s Cues - The human body is designed to protect itself, and it will give you warning signs long before injury occurs. If your body is aching, it is telling you that you need to stretch or stop what you are doing. By giving yourself breaks and listening to your body for cues, you can avoid stressing your back muscles.

Do You Suffer from Chronic Back Pain Because of a Work-Related Injury?

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