One of Iowas Best Work Comp Attorney

As one of  the best-known attorneys for workers comp in Iowa, Pothitakis Law Firm has seen many clients with many different types of work-related injuries and work-related illnesses. The common factor, however, is the difficult system that all of these injured, ill workers must face. To get results, it seems like the only way is to hire attorneys for workers comp in Iowa.

Legal Representation

Insurance companies and employers throw up roadblocks to legal benefits. They look for loopholes and demand extraordinary proof, even when the evidence has already been gathered and presented. Even though insurers are supposed to pay these claims, they know that their corporation can outlast a sick and injured man or woman's patience. These are just some of the reasons that getting legal representation is often necessary. Niko Pothitakis is known as one of the best attorneys for workers comp in Iowa. His Burlington-based firm works with clients from all over the state, including towns like Davenport, Iowa City, Bettendorf, Ottumwa, and Fairfield. He is known state-wide and has a national reputation for understanding and applying the rules of workers' compensation.

Benefit Levels

Often workers think that they are only entitled to one type of benefit, but there are actually many levels of compensation that are available. Healing benefits are provided for those who need to stay at home and recuperate. Temporary total benefits start as well, providing an income until the incapacitated person can return to work. Temporary partial benefits kick in if the person can return to work but cannot work at their prior income level. Permanent partial disability extends this idea further, recognizing that a worker may never regain use of a member (leg, arm, etc) and may always work at a lower-paying job. Permanent total disability recognizes that a person cannot work for a very long time, perhaps ever, due to the injuries sustained at work. As you can see, there are many layers, and insurance companies can use these layers to confuse worthy, injured workers. Let the Pothitakis Law Firm help you with your long-term workers' comp claim.



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