June is National Safety Month: Are You Prepared?

Each year, in the month of June, the National Safety Council hosts their National Safety Month. It is their goal to promote safe practices year-round on the job, at home, and everywhere you go. This year the National Safety Council’s theme is “What I Live For” - reminding everyone to think about what is important to them and why they need to stay safe.

Promote Safety on the Job for National Safety Month and Year Round

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, there are ways you can make the workplace safer as part of National Safety Month, as well as for your dedication to safety all year long. OSHA reported that 4,690 workers were killed on the job in 2010, and while the majority of those were in the construction industry, that does not mean there are not risks in other industries too.

Regardless of the industry you work in, do your part to stay safe and keep employees safe by following these tips to avoid injuries.

Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

●     Keep an eye on the floor as you walk and work, and avoid any clutter or spills.

●     If you see a wet surface or spilled product, clean it up or notify the proper department so that it can be taken care of.

●     Wear shoes with good tread.

Avoid Lift-Related Injuries

●     Test the weight of a box before lifting it.

●     Wear nonskid shoes when lifting objects.

●     Never bend and lift with your back; instead, lift with your legs.

●     Ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects or use mechanical devices to help you move heavy items.

Avoid Fire Injuries

●     Make sure there is a fire plan in place and that employees practice fire drills at least twice a year.

●     Ensure all employees know where fire extinguishers are and how to use them in the event there is a fire.

●     Do not overload electrical power strips;  these are prone to fires when they are overloaded.

●     Keep chemicals away from any source of fire and store them in a well-ventilated area.

Most importantly, if you are injured at work, report the injury to your employer right away. Be specific about how and why you were injured so that your employer can take the necessary precautions to ensure an employee is not injured the same way in the future.

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