Don't DRINK and RIDE

Alcohol and motorcycles are a tragic--and common--mix.  According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, 46 percent of riders killed in accidents have alcohol in their systems. This dangerous combination of drinking and riding has increased 10 percent in the past ten years.

Several factors make alcohol and motorcycles a deadly mix.  It requires more skill and coordination to operate a motorcycle safely.  Motorcycles are smaller and lack the stability of other vehicles, such as cars and trucks.  It also takes less alcohol to impair a rider's ability.  Statistics show that a blood alcohol content level of .05 (under the legal limit) increases a rider's crash risk 40 times and that even a small amount of alcohol raises their crash risk by 5 times.

If you are planning to ride, consider stopping for a meal rather than a drink, and only drink at festivals and rallies if you are camping onsite or have alternative transportation to your hotel.  

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