The Dangers Lurking at Construction Sites

Construction is one of the most hazardous industries for employees. From faulty equipment to dangerous chemicals to working at extreme heights, there are risks for injury at just about every turn. While the majority of construction site accidents occur because of negligence, most of the deadly construction site injuries seen each year are easily preventable.


The Most Common Hazards Found at Construction Sites


While there are literally hundreds of potential hazards on a construction site, these are the most common:


●     Scaffolds - Scaffolding, which is a temporary platform, supports workers and materials at extreme heights. A faulty system can cause workers and their equipment to fall, which will not only injure the employee falling, but anyone below.

●     Power Equipment - There are numerous pieces of equipment that run off power on a construction site. Not wearing the proper safety equipment or not knowing how to properly use that equipment can lead to serious injury or death. A couple of the most hazardous pieces of equipment include nail guns and power tools.

●     Ladders - Tipping over a ladder or falling from a ladder is one of the most common injuries on a construction site.

●     Roof Work - Construction workers that need to climb on top of a roof are engaging in a dangerous activity. When they do not wear the proper safety harnesses, they could fall from several stories and suffer catastrophic injuries.

●     Chemicals - Construction sites often have a great deal of chemicals. These could lead to exposure-related illnesses, chemical burns, or accidental poisonings.

●     Toxic Materials - Just like chemicals, exposure to toxic materials could lead to work-related illnesses. For example, exposure to asbestos could lead to mesothelioma.

●     Electrical Work - Any time electrical work is being performed, there is a risk for fire or electrocution. Faulty electrical wiring, as well as the exposed wires on a construction site, put construction workers at risk. Also, the high-voltage power lines overhead can accidentally be struck by machinery, causing a deadly electrocution.

●     Heat and Sun - Construction workers work outside, often in extreme heat, and they endure hours of constant sun exposure. Without proper hydration or breaks, they could suffer from dehydration, over-exposure, and serious sunburns.

●     Noise - While most people do not think excessive noise is a hazard, being exposed to high decibels on a daily basis without proper ear protection can affect a person’s hearing and lead to permanent hearing loss.

●     Excavation - Excavators are one of the most deadly hazards on a construction site. If the excavated site caves in, it could trap and kill those underneath the soil.


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