Top Reasons to Get Iowa Workers' Compensation Representation

Understanding State Regulations

There are important reasons to use Pothitakis Law Firm for Iowa workers' compensation litigation. They have many years of experience dealing with the specialized regulations in the state concerning receiving money for injuries incurred in work environments. Niko Pothitakis manages Pothitakis Law Firm from two offices located in Keokuk and Burlington, Iowa to make it easier for clients to receive legal assistance. His area of expertise is working on personal injury cases inside and outside of the courtroom in this jurisdiction. Mr. Pothitakis understands the newest regulations concerning fighting for financial reimbursement for injuries received while on-the-job.

Knowledgeable Legal Staff

At Pothitakis Law Firm, they have a knowledgeable legal staff ready to assist clients with Iowa workers' compensation claims. Clients hiring this established law firm will have a hardworking team to investigate details such as information on defective machinery that may have caused an injury. Preparing a case to appear before a judge requires completing complex paperwork in a timely manner to ensure winning. Each employee on Mr. Pothitakis’s experienced staff has different job duties on a legal case to make sure he is prepared for litigation in a courtroom.

Get Full Compensation

After an employee is injured at work, many employers will try to avoid making a payout according to the law. Iowa workers' compensation is a legal right mandated by the federal government. Every employee in the United States has a percentage of their paycheck deducted each week to maintain enrollment in this government program. Employers must pay into the program to keep their employees covered if an injury occurs at work. Occasionally, Mr. Pothitakis of the Pothitakis Law Firm determines that employers have failed to make all their payments to the government program. This is when an injured client needs an aggressive attorney to fight for their rights.

Obtain Medical Documentation

After arriving in court, the opposing party and judge will demand proof of an employee’s injuries. Employers will state that an employee has fewer injuries than they are claiming. Mr. Pothitakis and his team will obtain medical documentation from physicians and hospitals to prove their client’s Iowa workers' compensation claim. Medical documentation includes x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging results from a hospital or rehabilitation center. Physicians will supply reports concerning a client’s injuries incurred at work with statements about future mental and physical disabilities. In addition, state and federal agencies will require numerous forms documenting a claimant’s injuries.

Protection from Employers

Injured employees must have an attorney because an employer will have one to fight paying a justified Iowa workers' compensation claim. Employers will always hire an attorney to fight an injury claim to avoid making a payout that hurts their reputation for having a safe work environment. Opposing attorneys typically try to blame the claimant stating they were negligent or incompetent while operating machinery or using equipment. By having Mr. Pothitakis and his legal team working on a case, clients have someone ready to protect their rights.

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