Utilizing Vocational Consultants

If you have been injured on the job and are being questioned by your employer or insurance provider as to the validity of your injury, there are ways that an Iowa Workers’ Compensation attorney can assist you in proving the extent of your injuries.


Niko Pothitakis has had over 15 years of experience working with current or formerly employed citizens of Iowa and helping them to get the workers’ compensation payouts they deserve. While it can be difficult  proving that an injury you have sustained is truly debilitating, it will be even more difficult without the help of a lawyer.


Pothitakis Law Firm

In 2009, Pothitakis Law represented a Claimant who was considering taking a $22,000 settlement for injuries sustained on the job. The Claimant sought counsel from Pothitakis Law Firm to see if there were any other options. Niko Pothitakis recognized the true nature of the injuries and advised the Claimant not to settle but to take this matter to court.


Prior to the hearing, Pothitakis Law found a vocational consultant who examined the Claimant to find out the precise extent of the injuries.

Vocational Consultants

Vocational consultants provide expert testimony in court hearings by conducting assessments and tests on injured individuals. They can determine what someone’s job potential is, meaning what kinds of work a person is capable of doing taking into account their physical limitations. They can also figure out the income potential of a disabled person and present their findings to the court.


Because of the testimony of the vocational consultant, the Judge in this case found the Claimant to be 100% unemployable and rewarded the Claimant in excess of $400,000. If you need evidence that you have sustained an injury that will no longer allow you to do your job in an effective manner, a vocational consultant can provide the necessary information to prove your case.


Taking on a Iowa Workers’ Compensation case on your own can be overwhelming. With the help of a certified and seasoned lawyer like Niko Pothitakis, you have a greater chance of having a positive outcome from your case. He knows exactly what tactics to use to get you the verdict you need.

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