Why You Need Representation for Workmans Comp in Iowa

Life changes when accidents at work or on the job away from the office cause injury, pain, and the inability to earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, benefit claims often are delayed or derailed by employers and their insurance carriers. Workmans comp in Iowa is set up to help those who have lost wages and the ability to work in the future because of workplace injuries.

Claims can be costly for companies and insurance carriers. However, their sheer size and knowledge of the oftentimes consuming and paperwork-heavy workman claims process makes them formidable obstacles to those legitimately needing help. It takes professional, highly trained, and knowledgeable workmans comp attorney in Iowa to fight on your side to get the settlement you need and deserve.

Pothitakis Law Firm P.C. specializes in helping those filing workmans comp claims to successfully navigate the process. The paperwork maze requires perfect documentation and taking the right steps. Even a small miscue can disqualify claims. Other potential roadblocks are built within the system to discourage fair settlements.

The experience generally represents the first encounter someone will have with the workmans comp maze. Our lawyers and staff are highly experienced in these matters and able to get settlements quickly. We give all clients personal care, and work pro-actively to help them and their families today.

Five tips for handling workmans comp in Iowa include:

  • Get immediate help - Medical aid is important, don't break appointments
  • Take timely action - Report injuries to employers immediately
  • Get Second Opinions - Bolsters claims, corroborates injury
  • Ignore Employer Insurance - Companies try to low-ball or deny
  • Know Your Rights - Professional help is key, mistakes can negate claims

Pothitakis Law Firm

Pothitakis lawyers and staff take the hassle out of the process so the injured can concentrate on healing. Our team specializes in cases for residents of Southeastern Iowa including Des Moines, Louisa, Lee, Van Buren, Jefferson, Washington, and Henry counties, along with Burlington and Keokuk. We wrote the book on workmans comp claims in Iowa. It's titled "The 7 Most Common Mistakes Made by Injured Iowa Workers." The e-book is available for free download on our web site.

Pothitakis Law Firm specializes in helping those filing workmans comp claims successfully navigate the process and get what's due them. The paperwork maze requires perfect documentation and taking the right steps. Even a small miscue can disqualify claims. Pothitakis lawyers and staff take the right steps for success.

Typical injury causes requiring workmans comp Iowa claims include:

  • Driving accidents, collisions, road hazards
  • Falling objects, moving stress
  • Toxic mold, environmental hazards, asbestos
  • Farm, industrial machinery accidents
  • Workplace violence, assaults on the job
  • Slipping and falling, losing balance
  • Writs, back, body repetitive stress

Our lawyers and staff are at the ready to answer questions and provide no-cost, obligation-free consultations. If we feel the cause is just we do everything we can to help clients claim what's due. Call toll-free, e-mail or fill out our easy-to-use online form for more information or to schedule and appointment today.

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