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As an attorney for workmans comp in Iowa, Niko Pothitakis has gained national recognition for his hard work and diligence on behalf of clients statewide. The question is: do you need an attorney for workmans comp in Iowa? In some cases, the insurer and the employer provide the medical benefits and healing period benefits without too many complaints. They may even provide some temporary or temporary partial benefits. If you have been taken care of by the system, that's great. Unfortunately there are many cases where you get caught in the system. Not only are you denied benefits, but often your rights are not even fully explained to you. That's when you need Pothitakis Law Firm on your side.

Iowa Workers' Comp Laws

The laws governing workers' comp are fairly comprehensive. First, there are medical benefits, including mileage if you must drive many miles to reach the help that you need. Second, there are healing period benefits that are supposed to help workers survive financially even as they recuperate from a work-related injury. Next, there are temporary benefits which may be 80 percent of total pay. The temporary partial payment, on the other hand, only covers lost income when the worker takes a lower-paying job temporarily while their physical situation improves. These temporary benefits are often contested and ended before the worker is able to resume full-time, full-income employment. Permanent benefits may be applied when a person loses total use of a hand, arm or other member. They may be partial or total depending on how capable the person is. Permanent benefits may be denied if the insurer refused to admit the severity of the situation. In these cases, many workers struggle to prove that they cannot work or cannot work at their prior income level. If this describes you, contact Niko Pothitakis, a nationally-known attorney for workmans comp in Iowa. Many of our clients get more benefits or a lump sum settlement. The Burlington office is just a phone call away. The firm serves injured workers from Iowa City, Ottumwa, Fairfield, Bettendorf, Davenport and other Iowa locales.


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