Workers Compensation in Iowa

More than one million people in the United States suffer injuries on the job every year. While some of those injured parties can stand up, wipe off some dirt and get right back to work, others find themselves suffering from complications relating to that injury for years. Those seeking workers compensation in Iowa often find that the process is more complicated and harder than they thought. Those injured on the job deserve to receive compensation for those injuries.

Workplace Injuries Change Lives

Every employer in the world should have a series of steps that workers follow after an injury occurs. This might involve calling an ambulance or sending the worker directly to the hospital. Everyone involved in the incident must fill out the proper paperwork to document when the injury occurred and what will happen next. A simple accident can cause severe injuries, including strained muscles, broken bones or even damage to the brain. A man, who pulls his back on the job, might find that he cannot carry heavy items and that he suffers back pain for years. A woman, who slips and hits her head on the ground, can suffer from blinding headaches that makes working nearly impossible. Laws regarding workers compensation in Iowa strive to get money to the workers suffering pain after a workplace injury.

Importance of Choosing the Right Attorney

Choosing the right attorney is one of the most important steps involved in getting workers compensation in Iowa. Going it alone is like trying to toss a football through a Cheerio. Even the smallest of companies can enlist a large number of attorneys and lawyers, and those lawyers will do whatever it takes to keep their clients from paying out a single penny. Those who do find success going it alone typically find that they receive a settlement far below what they ever expected. The right attorney will ensure that those suffering from workplace injuries receive the money they need. Those injuries can keep a person out of work for a few months, and more serious injuries can even keep people from working full-time jobs for years.

Working with Pothitikis Law Firm

The Pothitikis Law Firm is the ultimate place to find help with workers compensation in Iowa. Niko Pothitikis is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, and he moved back to his native Iowa to help local residents go up against the top companies, businesses and corporations. As a member of the Iowa Association of Workers' Compensation Lawyers, he understands that not all cases are easy and simple. For every employer who admits that something happened, there are several others who deny the claims of past employees.

Pothitikis works closely with each of his clients and does whatever it takes to help his clients receive the compensation they need. His experience with workers compensation in Iowa makes him a top choice for those injured on the job. Backed by experience and a history of winning cases, Pothitikis Law Firm is the top choice for Iowa residents.

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