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The below illustration shows the importance of knowing what workers compensation Iowa really is, and the benefit of hiring the right Iowa worker’s comp attorney.


K.M. sought assistance from Pothitakis Law Firm after sustaining an ankle injury in 2006.  K.M. sustained the injury while working for a large nationwide retailer in this area.  As a result of the injury, she underwent surgery, physical therapy, and injections in her ankle.

                The primary issue in the case was whether the injury was only to the Claimant’s ankle or whether it resulted in the condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  If the condition were found to be found only an injury to the ankle, the Claimant’s entitlement to benefits under the Workers' Compensation Iowa system would have been approximately $6,000.  The Defendants actually paid the $6,000 and told the Claimant that was all they would be paying for the injury.  After contacting Pothitakis Law Firm, an inquiry was made as to whether the injury was simply a fracture of the bones or whether the injury turned in to a nerve/pain syndrome injury in which the Claimant developed Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

                Conferences with the Claimant’s treating physicians elicited opinions that supported a claim beyond simply a fractured ankle.  Pothitakis Law Firm scheduled an independent medical examination to obtain additional information concerning the Claimant’s injury.  Pothitakis Law Firm was successful in obtaining opinions supportive of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  The employer and insurance carrier through their attorney continued to argue that the condition was limited to the Claimant’s fractured ankle and she would be entitled to no more money.

                In November of 2010, the Claimant’s case was presented to a Deputy Workers' Compensation Commissioner.  In January of 2011, a Decision was issued.  That Decision found that the Claimant not only had sustained a fractured ankle, but had developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome entitling her to Iowa Workers' Compensation benefits well beyond $6,000.  In fact, the award entitled the Claimant to over $40,000 in benefits.  More importantly, the Decision required the Defendants to continue providing medical care for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  This condition will be lifelong for the Claimant and will result in significant and expensive medical care for the remainder of her life.

This case illustrates that there are many complexities with respect to work injuries.  An ankle injury may not seem complex or susceptible to various valuations.  This illustrates the importance of speaking with an experienced Workers' Compensation Iowa attorney for injuries that may appear minor.

Niko Pothitakis the best Iowa Workers Compensation Attorney

After being injured at work, you understandably have many things on your mind. You may have experienced injuries like broken bones, nerve damage, burns or other injuries, and you may be focused on trying to recuperate from those injuries. However, you also may be stressed out about your financial situation. When you are unable to work, you may struggle to pay your regular bills. In addition, you may also have additional medical bills that compound the stress that you are feeling. After being injured at work, you may qualify for a worker’s compensation claim, and you want to work with the best Iowa workers compensation attorney.

Niko Pothitakis at the Pothitakis Law Firm P.C. is an Iowa workers compensation attorney who serves clients in Iowa City, Davenport, Ottumwa, Bettendorf and Fairfield. While there are other worker’s comp attorneys that you can choose to work with, Niko Pothitakis is a nationally recognized attorney with over a decade of experience with worker’s compensation cases. When you choose to work with him, you will enjoy compassionate, knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire claims process. He can help you to learn more about your rights based on the circumstances of your accident, and he will work to ensure that you receive the maximum claim settlement possible.

When you are injured at work, you want to find financial relief through a worker’s compensation claim, but you may also need to focus on healing from your injuries. Niko Pothitakis is the Iowa workers compensation attorney who you can turn to for assistance. Initially, he will help you to explore your legal rights and will ensure that you qualify for worker’s compensation insurance. He will also assist with filing the claim and negotiating a fair settlement for your claim. Worker’s compensation can help you to overcome the financial challenges that you experience after an accident, but you do want to work with the best attorney with experience in worker’s compensation claims. You can contact the Pothitakis Law Firm P.C. today to schedule an initial consultation and to begin the claims process.

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