Workman's Comp Iowa

In a perfect world, workman's compensation would be a straightforward process. In that world, a supervisor takes the problem seriously. In that world, a person gets immediate medical care and an honest assessment that would lead to fair compensation. In the real world, even the best supervisors ignore problems that they can see, such as an accident at work. In the real world, even the best bosses refuse to acknowledge a problem that they can't see such as a worker who has ongoing physical problems due to work. The real world is filled with these face-to-face refusals and unanswered requests. That's why workman's comp Iowa is not the straightforward process that it should be.

Good At The Job

No matter how good at a job, a worker can find themselves too injured to work. This injury may happen once or it may happen over time. Either way, the person may be entitled to workman's comp Iowa. Yet supervisors and bosses have a way of minimizing the problem, of looking the other way and of outright accusing the person of lying. For the worker, this is a vicious cycle. As an injury impacts the person's ability to work, job attendance or work proficiency may decline, making the worker look lazy or incompetent. Bosses may use this to try and demote or fire the injured worker. That's why it pays to get help from workman's comp Iowa lawyers. Pothitakis Law Firm can explain why getting legal intervention early can strengthen your case.

Good At Getting Compensation

In a perfect world, an injured individual could just file for help and get it. In the real world, insurance companies and bosses are very good at dodging the situation, delaying outcomes and effectively denying compensation. It's what they do to keep costs down. This is the reason that worker's compensation is mandatory. If it were up to the bosses, no one would get a dime after an injury on the job. It's easy to dispute many injuries, to discount the impact on the human body, and to argue against fair compensation. The Pothitakis Law Firm is just as knowledgeable as the insurance lawyers. Pothitakis lawyers are even more committed to the process because they are fighting for an individual not the corporate bottom line. They can't create a perfect world, but they can fight for each person's right to a fair settlement.

Compensation for Workman's Comp Iowa

In a perfect world, compensation addresses a person's real needs after a workplace injury. In the real world, insurance companies undercut the process and offer unreasonable settlements. A tired, injured person can't keep fighting. They need some financial relief. The Pothitakis Law Firm knows how many ways that the insurer will try to undercut the process and undervalue the impact of the injury. The Pothitakis Law Firm works hard to get compensation for long-term health care needs and long term employment displacement.

If you are injured in Iowa, call Pothitakis Law Firm for consultation.


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