Can I rush my Workers' Compensation claim if I need money now?

It is a difficult time for a family when someone is hurt at work and loses an income. When you are disabled, can't work, and need to pay your bills and support your family, the last thing you want to do is get through all the red tape and waiting that is usually involved in Workers' Compensation claims. Usually, you will have to just wait it out. Here are five circumstances in which the Social Security Administration (SSA) might expedite your claim:


Compassionate Allowances

If you suffer a condition on the list of compassionate allowances, the SSA will approve your case. You must be diagnosed with the condition and meet the listings for impairment for the condition.


Dire Need

If a claimant doesn't have sufficient means to get food, shelter, and medication, the SSA may choose to expedite a claim. To be considered in dire need, a claimant must let the SSA know that they cannot afford to buy food or medicine, are facing eviction or foreclosure, or have had their utilities shut off due to the inability to pay. Claimants should be prepared to show paperwork supporting the claims.


Military Personnel

Past and present members of the military can get their claims expedited as long as the condition began during active duty and the onset date was on or after October 1, 2001.



If a claimant is a threat to the public or to themselves, the SSA can expedite a claim.


Terminal Illness

If a claimant has an illness that is expected to result in death, the SSA will flag the claim to be expedited. Conditions such as ALS and AIDS, or enrollment in end-of-life programs like hospice, would alert the SSA. A claimant on life support, oxygen, a wait list for a vital organ or bone marrow transplant, or with certain cancers would also qualify.