Is it necessary to have an attorney to help me file an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim?

For a large number of claims concerning Iowa Workers’ Compensation, it is not always necessary to hire a lawyer.   Yet there are some cases which may warrant counsel and direction by a skillful Iowa Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

In cases that involve injury to the back, neck, shoulder, or hip, you have the right under law to what is called “Industrial Disability Benefits.”  This amount is awarded according to the extent to which your injury affects your capacity to work and earn a salary.  “Industrial Disability Benefits” depend on many factors such as age, years of schooling , previous work history, limitations, and impairment rating.  This list is just some of the factors involved in figuring the amount of payments you could receive.  Analyzing and weighing each factor is very complex in order to determine your payment, therefore, seeking the assistance of an Iowa Workers’ Compensation lawyer would be very beneficial. 

It may not be necessary to hire a lawyer to assist you if a permanent injury is not involved in your case.  It is advisable to contact a lawyer who is very familiar with Iowa Workers’ Compensation cases to determine if counsel is needed.  There are a number of Iowa Work Comp lawyers who offer free initial consultations such as what Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. has available.  At this time the above matters may be examined more fully.