I am having to travel to and from my doctors and physical therapy appointments a few times a week. Gas expenses are killing me. What can I do?

Under the Iowa Work Comp laws you are entitled to be paid mileage for trips to and from your medical appointments. The current reimbursement rate for each mile you travel to and from medical appointments is 55 cents per mile. The Iowa Workers' Compensation Insurance carrier should have told you that you were to be paid mileage and actually paid the same. I have found it typical for insurance companies to ignore their obligation to pay this mileage expense. It is not to their discretion to pay and they are required to provide this money to you for an accepted Iowa Workers' Compensation claim. Many of my injured clients, as a result of their Iowa work injury, are financially in a very tough position and the failure to pay mileage only further compounds the problems. It is important to keep track of your mileage for all trips related to your work injury care so that you can seek and obtain these funds. If the Iowa Workers' Compensation carrier fails to pay the mileage expense in a timely manner you may need to seek assistance from the Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. or another Iowa workers’ compensation attorney.