I sustained a work related injury at my place of employment. My employer told me to use my health insurance for this Iowa Workers' Compensation injury. Is this a good recommendation?

Actually, it depends on if the employer and the Iowa Work Comp insurance carrier are accepting or denying that your injury is work related. In accordance with Iowa Workers' Compensation laws the employer and the Iowa Work Comp insurance carrier must provide medical care for Iowa injuries that are work related. If they accept a claim, they are permitted to direct care and even choose the doctor, however, they must pay for the medical care expenses. So if the Iowa Workers' Compensation claim is accepted, you should not use your health insurance. Some health insurance companies will not provide coverages for work injuries, therefore, they may deny the charges associated with your Iowa work injury. If the claim is denied by the Iowa Workers' Compensation carrier then you will use your health insurance to pay for your medical expenses under the policy terms. It can be difficult to determine whether the claim is accepted or denied, therefore, it is essential to consult an experienced attorney in Iowa workers' compensation law. The Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. provides a free initial consultation to discuss your particular claim.