I was injured at work and my employer is telling me to use my health insurance for my Iowa Workers' Comp injury. Is this correct?

It really depends on whether your employer and the insurance carrier are accepting or denying that you have a work injury. Under the Iowa workers' compensation laws the employer and Iowa workers' compensation insurance carrier are required to provide medical care for work related Iowa injuries. For claims that they accept, they are allowed to direct care and choose the doctor, but they also have to pay for the medical care expenses. You should not use your health insurance if the Iowa work comp claim is being accepted. In fact your health insurance may ultimately deny the charges as some health insurance policies do not provide coverage for work related conditions. If the claim is not being accepted by the Iowa workers' comp carrier, then you would need to use your health insurance for your medical care. In this situation (denied claim) the law requires your health insurance to process your medical expenses under the policy terms. Determining whether the claim is accepted or denied can be difficult and for this reason it is important to talk to an experienced Iowa workers’ compensation lawyer. Most workers' compensation attorneys, such as the Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. provide a free initial consultation to discuss your issues.