Is my Iowa employer obligated to comply with my work-related injury restrictions?

If you sustain an Iowa work injury and your doctor has put restrictions on your work activity, your Iowa employer either has to provide you work within those restrictions or allow you to stay home and receive weekly Iowa Workers' Comp benefits. Often your Iowa employer may request that you come to work to perform light duty work under your specific restrictions after your Iowa work injury. In this case, you either have the right to similar pay you received before the injury, or your paycheck plus an additional check from the Workers' Comp insurance company that will make up the difference. This situation is called "temporary partial disability benefits."  Ultimately, if these work restrictions are made permanent restrictions, your Iowa employer must decide whether they are able to comply with these restrictions. You may have some protection against losing your job from the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans With Disabilities depending on your situation.

Return to work issues after an Iowa work injury are very complex. Therefore, it is extremely important to speak with an experienced Workers' Compensation lawyer in regards to these issues to guarantee that your rights are protected.