What are some important recommendations to keep in mind if involved in an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim?

 1)      Know that the Iowa Work Comp insurance carrier is not your ally.  They are trying to settle the claim as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.   If they compensate you less than the full value of the claim, then this is definitely more cost effective and helpful for them. 

2)      The weekly payments and the settlement amount they are inclined to pay may be inaccurate.  Just because the Iowa Workers’ Comp insurance company says it is right and just, doesn’t mean it is true.

3)      Your right to Iowa Workers’ Compensation benefits does not cease because of the presence of a pre-existing condition or prior physical limitation.  Many of my clients were told that because they had a prior back injury that their new back injury or new aggravation at work is not eligible for Iowa Work Comp benefits.  However, that is not true.

4)      Even though your workplace may choose your doctor for your first appointment, the employer is not allowed to be in charge of your subsequent medical care free from limitations.  In several cases, you are allowed to request a new physician when you are not satisfied with the one they have chosen.

5)      Even though you are in discussion of a clime with the Iowa Work Comp insurance company, you still must meet the deadlines set by Iowa Workers’ Comp laws.  By law you must file a claim within two years of the date your injury occurred; or three years from the date of the final payment of weekly Iowa Workers’ Comp benefits.

 It is important to talk over these matters with an attorney who is accomplished in the field of Iowa Workers’ Compensation law.  Several Iowa Workers’ Compensation law firms, such as the Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C., will arrange a free initial meeting to discuss your case.

Niko Pothitakis
Attorney Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C.