What are the time limitations regarding Iowa Workers' Compensation Claims?

Notice of Injury: Your employer must have notice of your work injury within 90 days. This 90 days begins with when the worker knew the injury was work related. If the incident is not reported within 90 days, your benefits may be denied.

Reporting of Claims: Your employer must file the First Report of injury to the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner within four days of the notice or knowledge of the work incident.

Two-year Statute of Limitation: If the worker fails to report a work injury within two years of the incident (assuming no weekly benefits received nor application for arbitration filed), then Workers' Compensation benefits may be denied.

Three-Year Statute of Limitation: If the worker has received weekly Workers' Compensation benefits, they have three years from the last payment of weekly benefits to receive additional benefits or file an action with the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner. However, if this action is not filed within the three years, benefits may be denied. This three-year statute of limitation does not apply to medical expenses that are needed to treat the Iowa work injury.