What is the process of filing a Workers' Compensation Claim in Iowa?

If you experience a workplace injury in Iowa you will need to file a claim with the Iowa Industrial Commissioner.  There are time limits that you must adhere to depending on your injury, your employer and  their insurance carrier.  You must file your claim within the time frame determined by Iowa law or you may not be able to receive benefits. 

Do not rely on statements or promises from your employer, insurance carrier or their adjuster that they are taking care of everything including filing a claim for you.  Even if your medical bills are being paid by your employer and it looks like everything is in order, that may not be the case.  You need to protect your rights and be proactive in filing a Workers' Compensation claim.  As soon as possible consult an attorney who is experienced in Iowa Workers' Compensation law who will be able to give you more details on the filing period that would apply to your particular situation and how to proceed.