What value is placed on each body part for a Work Comp injury in Iowa?

If your Iowa work injury is a scheduled injury, then your entitlement for permanency is based on the loss of use to that body part.  If you lose a percentage of the use of the body part, then you are entitled to the percentage of weeks set forth for that body part.  The list below sets out the number of weeks assigned to each body part by the Iowa legislature.  For example, if you have a leg injury and the doctor indicates you have a 10 percent impairment or 10 percent loss of use, then you are entitled to 10 percent of 220 weeks or 22 weeks of benefits.  There are situations when the amount of benefits can be much higher than the rating and loss of use.

Loss of thumb                        60

Loss of first finger                  35

Loss of second finger            30

Loss of third finger                 25

Loss of fourth finger               20

Loss of hand                        190

Loss of arm                          250

Loss of great toe                    40

Loss of any other toe             15

Loss of foot                          150

Loss of leg                           220

Loss of eye                          140