How to Handle a Workers Comp IME Appointment

An independent medical exam (IME) as it applies to a workers compensation claim occurs when a physician or other medical professional conducts an examination of an injured or ill worker who is seeking coverage through his or her employer’s workers compensation insurance policy.

These types of exams are usually done to ensure an unbiased professional opinion about the status of an employee’s illness or injury. It could be that you are attempting to seek initial approval for workers comp benefits or are reaching the termination period of your benefits and must be re-evaluated to continue collecting.

Because you won’t have a prior relationship with the examining physician, you might be feeling unsure about what to expect or how to handle yourself during your workers comp IME. Read on to better prepare yourself for this important appointment.

What to Expect in a Workers Comp IME

The purpose of this exam is going to be for the physician to produce an opinion or report on his or her findings about your injury or illness. It will be important for you to be very specific about your symptoms and the impact your condition is having on your life.

It is crucial that you do not exaggerate what you’re going through for two reasons. One, it’s possible that the insurance company is having you monitored to see if it can catch you in a lie about what you are able or unable to do.

Two, the independent medical examiner will have experience in treating your ailment and will be able to tell if you are attempting to exaggerate your disability. Being caught in an overstatement of your condition will rarely result in a successful claim.

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