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If you didn't cause the car accident, you shouldn't be responsible for the damages.

How do you fix everything that is broken during a serious southeast Iowa car accident? You go to the hospital for exams and treatments and procedures. You repair your car or you get a new one altogether. You return to work and attempt to take on all of your old responsibilities and duties. You try to forget the pain of your injuries, the anxiety of returning to the road, and you struggle to return to normal.

However, many of these fixes are expensive - and some, like pain and suffering, are hard to put a price on at all. After a serious car accident, who is responsible for the bill? If your Iowa car crash was not your fault, you could be legally owed compensation.

With offices in Keokuk and Burlington, Iowa, the Pothitakis Law Firm handles a wide range of traffic accident cases and motor vehicle cases, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Public transportation accidents

You may not fully understand the implications of your southeast Iowa car accident until you speak with an attorney.

Auto accidents may be more complicated than they first may seem. Was the other driver responsible for the crash, or was the maker of the car's brakes? Should the trucker who caused your accident injuries be held responsible, or should the company that hired him to haul goods? Was your motorcycle accident caused by a rider error, or by a road design flaw? Instead of posing these questions to friends and family, you need to consult a Iowa car accident attorney with a history of representing Iowa auto accident victims.

For over twenty years, Nicholas Pothitakis and the Pothitakis Law Firm have been assisting those injured in car accidents with their cases. Mr. Pothitakis believes that these cases should be researched thoroughly and pursued aggressively - always with the client's best interests and Iowa law in mind. After two decades of work for injury victims, we know the insurance company's playbook well and know all of the steps to get you the compensation you deserve.

Get your Iowa auto accident questions answered, including:

  • What is my car accident injury case worth?
  • Who was at fault for my car accident?
  • What if the insurance company has denied my car accident claim?
  • What if I think the insurance company isn't offering enough?
  • How will I pay for my car accident medical bills?
  • Is my injury serious enough to seek damages?
  • Do I have a car accident injury case?
  • What if I was partially at fault for my traffic accident?

Schedule an appointment with Mr. Pothitakis today and learn more about your accident case.

What stops car accident victims from taking the next step and contacting a Iowa car accident lawyer to fight for what they deserve? Some accident victims may feel like they could never beat an insurance company at their own game, while others may not be confident that they have a case. Still others may feel overwhelmed by their accident and injuries. Know this: once you call Mr. Pothitakis, you can once and for all find out whether or not you have a case, and he can take the lead on fighting back against the insurance company and securing your compensation. It just starts with a call.

Are you ready to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting with Mr. Pothitakis to discuss your case and your legal options? Are you ready to find out how much your car accident case is worth? Call the Pothitakis Law Firm at (888) 472-1778 or fill out the contact form on this page to get started.

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