Iowa Hip Injury Lawyer

Injuring your hip at work is definitely going to be painful, and it might keep you from working for an extended amount of time. An Iowa hip injury attorney can help you handle your claim for workers compensation benefits.

Losing any mobility can be detrimental to your job performance, so when you’ve suffered a hip injury at work, you can expect to struggle to continue working as you once did. When this happens, you may need the assistance of workers compensation to keep up your quality of life.

Getting your worker comp benefits is not always simple, however. You may struggle with your claim, and worse, you may be denied the first time around. When this happens, an Iowa hip injury lawyer can help you. We know how difficult it can be to work with workers comp insurers and employers, but we also know how to make the whole process a lot easier on you.  

Causes and Complications for Hip Injuries

Hip injuries can make it difficult to perform even simple daily tasks your job expects of you. Standing for long periods of time can cause pain and make every day at work a struggle.

Your hip injury can happen suddenly or over time. Falls and hip fractures are common, but overuse puts a constant strain on the joint, and that can lead to an injury. It might not have occurred in an accident, but it’s related to your job nonetheless. For that, you deserve workman’s comp.

The treatment for a hip injury, unfortunately, may make it difficult to work as you once did. Hip injuries take time to heal, and the treatment often includes rest and putting as little pressure on the hip as possible. In more extreme cases, you may need hip-replacement surgery, which can take much longer to heal from and cause future complications, such as hip dislocation.

Your hip injury lawyer in Iowa can help make sure every medical expense related to your injury is covered. And we’ll fight to maximize the compensation you receive while you’re unable to work.

Workers Comp Benefits for a Hip Injury in Iowa

Your workers comp benefits should cover any expenses that come from your work-related hip injury, such as the following:

  • Medical Expenses – Many hip injuries call for surgery or physical therapy to help you heal, and these treatments can get expensive quickly.

  • Disability – Whether you’ll be back to work in a month or your disability is permanent, you could receive steady coverage for the wages you’re missing out on.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation – If your hip injury is healing, or if you could ease back into your job with training, your benefits should cover costs related to vocational rehab programs.

Your hip injury attorney in Iowa can help you maximize the value of every benefit you’re eligible for.

Call an Iowa Hip Injury Attorney

Hip injuries are painful and often expensive, and you shouldn’t be left to struggle with these hardships without help. Your work comp benefits should cover your medical bills and lost wages so you can get back to your job and your normal life.

If you’re having trouble with your claim, call an Iowa hip injury lawyer as soon as possible. If you have trouble filing a claim or your claim is denied, you may need help getting the compensation you need to recover. Don’t hesitate to contact Pothitakis Law Firm, PC. We can be reached at 1-888-329-0243 or through the online contact form below.

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