Iowa Workers Comp FAQ

Filing for workers compensation benefits after an on-the-job injury can be complicated, especially when you are in the middle of your recovery process.

At Pothitakis Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to putting the needs of our clients first and making sure they have a complete understanding of how their workers comp insurance coverage will work for them. These are just a few of the questions we are frequently asked.

Why Are Workers Comp Claims Denied?

There are only a handful of circumstances in which your claim can be rightfully denied. If you were injured due to a pre-existing condition, failed to notify your employer of your injury within ninety days, were violating company policy or committing a crime when the accident occurred, or did not provide appropriate documentation, your Iowa work comp claim can be denied.

Does Workers Comp Cover Illnesses?

Workers comp benefits can cover illnesses, but only if you fall ill because of circumstances at work. For instance, if you get the flu because it’s going around at work, you do not qualify for workers comp benefits. But if you work in the construction field and are exposed to toxic drywall particles and end up with a lung disease, you should be covered under workers comp.

Does Workers Comp Cover Work-Related Stress?

Usually, yes. Unless your insurer specifically disqualifies stress as a work-related illness, you may be able to collect benefits, as long as the impact is severe enough to keep you from doing your job. With work-related stress, you can collect benefits while you get treatment to gain control of the situation.

Will Workers Comp Cover an Accident I Caused?

You should be covered for any injury you sustain while working, even if you were the cause of the accident. If you were off the clock or violating company policies, however, you could be denied coverage. Iowa workers comp benefits do not take into consideration whose fault an accident was—just that you were injured while performing job responsibilities.

Is a Workers Comp Claim the Same as Suing My Employer?

No, they are not the same thing. When you submit a workers compensation claim, benefits you collect are funds that you are entitled to in the case of an emergency, such as a work illness or injury. These benefits are usually paid out by an insurance policy your employer has been paying a monthly premium for.

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