Iowa Workers Comp Requirements

To be eligible for the benefits of workers compensation insurance, you must meet specific criteria. Most importantly, you must have been injured while performing the obligations of your paid position.

When you work off the clock, your employer and his or her insurer can refute your claim in an attempt to escape responsibility for paying you the work comp benefits you deserve.

Qualifying Illnesses and Injuries

Nearly any condition can be considered a qualifying illness or injury if we are able to establish that it occurred as a direct result of the work you performed for the company you are employed with.

Common injuries, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, and deep lacerations, have, for the most part, always been covered. It wasn’t until recently that insurance companies began to recognize injuries like carpal tunnel, heart attacks, respiratory diseases, and stress-related conditions as covered by workers compensation.

Technicalities to Be Aware Of

There are some technicalities that you need to know before filing your claim. This will help ensure your approval status. To start, you must notify your employer of your injury and intent to file for workers compensation benefits within ninety days of your injury, or your claim can be denied.

You also will be ineligible for benefits if you were injured while committing a crime or if you were doing something that was considered a violation of your company’s policies. This could include horseplay with other employees or working off the clock.

Reach Out to an Iowa Workers Comp Lawyer

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