Iowa Mental Health Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Not only can physical injuries qualify for workers' compensation, but under Iowa law, mental health conditions can also be eligible for compensation benefits. Iowa workers' compensation law covers both psychiatric injuries from singular events as well as conditions developing over time, such as depression and severe anxiety.

In order for these types of conditions to be covered by Iowa Workers' Compensation, it must be shown that the mental or psychiatric problem was primarily caused by your work or, more commonly, related to a physical injury at work.

See a Doctor Immediately for Treatment of Mental Health Issues Stemming from a Work Injury

It is not uncommon for an employee who has suffered a severe work injury to develop depression. They may have experienced loss of employment or be unable to work at their previous capacity. If you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of depression, it is very important to see your doctor to discuss these issues. Not only can this negatively affect your health, it may interfere with your ability to return to work.

Benefits Are Dependant on the Severity of Your Disability

Chronic depression can be debilitating, and in workers' compensation cases, it is considered an industrial disability. This is when a work injury results in permanent disability to the body as a whole.

Ultimately there is a determination of how the injury affects your ability to work in percentage terms. If you lose 50 percent of your ability to work, you would be entitled to 50 percent of 500 weeks (amount set by law) or 250 weeks of Workers' Compensation benefits for the injury. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced Iowa mental health workers' compensation lawyer to determine what you may be entitled to benefits for an injured worker with depression.

Let Our Attorneys Help You Make Your Claim for Benefits

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