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The trauma of a car accident begins the moment you lose control of your vehicle, and it often doesn’t end after the crash itself is over. Even after the accident itself has taken place, many accident and injury victims continue to struggle, with the memory of the crash itself, with their mounting medical bills, with their return to work, and with their recovery from their injuries.

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The Most Common Types of Traffic Accidents In Iowa

The most common types of car accidents in Iowa differ from the most common types of car accidents across the nation. Largely rural and sparsely populated, the state does not tally as many accidents caused by heavy traffic or winding urban streets. Let’s take a closer look at which type of traffic accidents most often happen in Iowa.

  • Rear-end accidents. This is the most common type of accident in the United States. These collisions can take place on highways at high speeds or going just a few miles per hour on a downtown road. They often happen when the car in front suddenly stops or when the car following fails to slow down or stop due to distracted driving.
  • Intersection accidents. Intersection accidents happen in a variety of ways, for example, a car may fail to obey signals, a vehicle may strike a pedestrian in a crosswalk, or a truck could turn left in front of an approaching car. Intersection accidents can involve head-on, rear-end, or broadside collisions.
  • Two-lane highway accidents. Rural highway accidents are perhaps the most deadly type of accident in Iowa. Cars traveling at high speeds along two-lane highways may be involved in head-on accidents if one vehicle crosses the double-yellow centerline.
  • Left-turn accidents. These are often broadside collisions that take place when a vehicle turning left fails to see an approaching vehicle. These accidents can result in serious injury or death, especially if they take place on a two-lane highway or at a busy intersection.
  • Driving off of the road. Many one-vehicle accidents involve simply leaving the roadway and striking an object located off of the road. While many drivers may believe that these accidents are their fault alone, a significant number also involve other factors, including other drivers on the road, poor road conditions, or defective auto parts.
  • Weather-related accidents. Iowa has an above average amount of bad weather, including snow, rain, fog, ice, and wind. Any and all of these conditions can affect driving conditions and cause accidents. In many cases, the weather is only one factor in a crash, which may also involve speed, distracted driving, or reckless driving.

Whether your car accident was similar to one of the crashes described above, or whether it took place in under other circumstances, you may have a valid car accident claim and personal injury claim. All car accidents are different, and it is imperative to understand the exact causes of your wreck as you seek justice and compensation.

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