Iowa Workers' Compensation Second Fund Lawyer

Second Injury Fund was set up in Iowa for workers who suffer a work injury on top of a pre-existing injury that increases the extent of their disability. In Iowa, you can receive benefits from the “Second Injury Fund.” An injured employee is eligible to pursue a Second Injury Fund claim if they have previously had an injury to another arm, hand, leg, foot or eye. The previous injury does not have to be work-related. Second Injury Fund benefits are paid based upon the combined effects of the old injury as well as the new work injury. These benefits come from a fund set up through the State of Iowa. It is important for all work-related injuries that result in a single schedule injury to evaluate whether a Second Injury Fund claim may be appropriate.

Insurance companies, in many cases, will make a payment that is the minimum amount you would be entitled to receive. For this reason, you could be entitled to significantly more money than what is voluntarily paid. The business plan of a Workers' Compensation insurance carrier is not built on trying to pay you as much as possible. Their business plan is to increase profit and grow their business.

Workers' Compensation adjusters have been known to either be extremely nice so that you trust them and their advice or to be intimidating so that you might fear them or not stand up to them. Do not let their tactics and tricks get in the way of your best interests. Never, ever forget that the Workers' Compensation adjusters have one primary goal: to pay you as little as possible. For these reasons, it is important to consult an experienced and knowledgeable Iowa Workers' Compensation Second Fund lawyer to discuss your claim. Many law firms, such as Pothitakis Law firm, provide free initial consultations.

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