Can An Injury Be Covered Under Iowa Workers’ Comp Law If It Is Such That It Occured Over Time Or Would It Have To Be One Traumatic Injury?

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Traumatic injuries as well as what are referred to as cumulative injuries are covered under Iowa Workers’ Comp Law. Oftentimes, workplace injuries occur over time or are a result of repetitive activities. If this injury is related to work activities, then benefits from Iowa Workers’ Compensation should be received.

Countless Iowans sustain disabling injuries at work from repetitive lifting, bending, twisting, etc. The fact being that one specific event does not cause the injury does not prevent their right to receive Iowa Work Comp benefits, which includes medical care as well as weekly Workers’ Compensation checks. Actually, many very serious injuries happen gradually as opposed to suddenly from one specific incident. Traumatic and cumulative injuries both are treated the same under Iowa Workers’ Comp laws. If an injury comes on slowly, it is very important to report it as soon as you feel it is a more serious condition. Cumulative-type injuries (gradual injuries) are hotly contested Iowa Work Comp claims and therefore, it may be in your best interest to talk to an experienced Iowa Workers’ Compensation lawyer. There are certain deadlines that must be met whether the injury is cumulative (gradual) or one specific event.