I Injured My Shoulder And Back Working At An Iowa Company. My Shoulder Injury Occurred In One Incident At Work. My Back Injury Was Caused By Continuous Bending And Lifting At Work. How Long Do I Have To File An Iowa Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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The deadline for filing an Iowa Workers’ Compensation claim is within two years from the occurrence of the injury when no weekly benefits have been paid or within three years from the last date weekly benefits were paid.  Since your shoulder injury occurred during a specific incident, then you will have two years to file a claim for this Iowa injury.  Your back injury would be considered a cumulative injury because it came on gradually and over time during your employment at your Iowa company.  Your have two years from when you realize that the back injury is a condition serious enough to have an impact on your employment.  If you received weekly benefits then the deadline for filing a claim is three years from your last payment.