If A Worker Sustains A Back Injury, How Is This Injury Compensated In Accordance With Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law?

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If you injure any part of your back (lower, middle, upper) at work, you have the right to benefits under Iowa Workers’ Compensation Laws. In particular, lower back work injuries can drastically affect a worker’s ability to do his or her job. And so being, these types of injuries are considered significant in the Iowa Workers’ Compensation system. How your back injury/limitations affect your ability to work is the most important element that determines the amount of money the system will pay for your work related injury. When an Iowa worker sustains a permanent injury to their back, they have the right to benefits according to how the injury affects their ability to work and earn a living. Benefits such as these are called “industrial disability benefits.”  At some point there will be a determination of how the injury will affect your ability to work. This is presented in percentage terms. For example, if you lost 50 percent of your ability to work, you would have the right under Iowa law to 50 percent of 500 weeks (amount set by law) or 250 weeks of Iowa work comp benefits for this injury. Under the Iowa Work Comp system, back injuries are frequently pursued being that there are a substantial number of job positions that are made impossible for workers who suffer permanent lower back injuries and limitations.