Worker at Polaris Wins Appeal

A worker for Polaris Industries injured her shoulder and elbow on the job.  The initial decision by the Workers' Compensation Commissioner found that this worker suffered a permanent impairment because it will affect what kind of work she can do in the future.  It was also determined that she sustained an industrial disability because the injury affects her ability to be employed in the future.  Polaris argued that a doctor did not place the employee on permanent work restrictions and that she has returned to full-time employment and earning more today than she did at the time of her alleged injury.  She responded that she is now on light duty, cannot do the jobs she had prior to the injury, and she is unable to seek better-paying positions.  The court sided with the worker and felt that there was enough evidence to deny the appeal by Polaris.  If you need help fighting for your right to Workers' Compensations benefits, seek the opinion of an experienced attorney in the field.  Call Pothitakis Law today for help at 1-866-753-4692.     

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