Appeal In Favor of Truck Driver in Iowa Workers' Compensation Case

Iowa truck driver seeks workers comp appeal

Case: Jon Stemeil V. Panther Transport, Inc.

April 10, 2017 

Stemeil, a truck driver for Panther Transport, Inc. since 2004, sustained a work injury to his shoulder while lifting a cabinet above shoulder level inside a truck trailer. He felt a sudden sharp pain in his shoulder and across his chest. Stemeil was sent for medical care and had to have surgery for a rotator cuff tear. Stemeil ended up having three surgeries (two on the left and one on the right) on his shoulders due to continued pain, discomfort, and lack of motion from the injury. His employer authorized and paid for all medical treatment for both shoulders. Stemeil was released to go back to work as long as he limited overhead working, and forward and overhead reaching, Due to the surgeries Stemeil suffered weakness and loss of range of motion. The company would not keep him in his current truck driving position because it involved significant lifting that he was unable to do. They offered him a permanent position as a parts puller and stager, however, he earned almost 50 percent of what his salary was for the truck driver position.  

The results of the case were in this worker's favor. The appeal awarded Stemeil 250 weeks of permanent partial disability benefits at $825 per week. As well, the employer and insurance company had to pay Stemeil a five percent penalty of all the benefits that were originally underpaid to him. 


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