Chooose The Right Attorney For Workers Comp

All Iowa workers have a right to the benefit of workers' compensation. Workers’ compensation is a special insurance benefit that a large majority of Iowa employers carries. This special insurance is supposed to supply an Iowa worker with enough money to cover medical bills, lost wages and medication should that person become injured on the job.

Workers' compensation can cover a wide variety of worker injuries such as slips, burns, cuts and back injuries. The insurance is even supposed to cover progressive illnesses that come from the exposure to something harmful at work. Unfortunately, not all Iowa workers receive the compensation they deserve. When such complications arise, these people need a workers comp attorney in Iowa.

Injured workers know Nicholas “Niko” Pothitakis and his law firm nationwide for their dedication. If you have been denied compensation for a legitimate work related injury in Iowa, you will need a workers comp attorney in Iowa. The Pothitakis Law Firm is where you want to go. You can visit offices in Davenport, Iowa City, Ottumwa, Fairfield and Bettendorf.

Why Choose Niko Pothitakis for Iowa Workers Compensation Lawyer?

You will need a workers comp attorney in Iowa that will want to cater to your needs. The Pothitakis Law Firm will look out for you in every way. First, the firm will provide education for you, so that you will understand every aspect of the workers' compensation process. Niko Pothitakis wrote a book that you could download from his website that explains the mistakes that people make when they obtain work related injuries.

The Pothitakis Law Firm also charges its clients on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that you will not owe your lawyer any money until he or she wins your case. You will not have to pay hourly fees or a large retainer fee. Mr. Pothitakis believes that putting the client in the most stress free situation possible is beneficial to all parties. He wants nothing more than the see each employee receive the compensation he or she deserves.

If you desire to be represented by one of the most established and successful firms in Iowa, you may schedule a consultation by calling 1-866-753-4692 today.



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