Football Players suing NFL for Head Injuries

Pro football players

The NFL is being sued for Workers' Compensation by a group of thirty-eight former football players.  The players are bringing suit because of a lifelong brain injury they have sustained called CTE (chronic Traumatic encephalopathy).  CTE is a debilitating brain injury caused by repeated head trauma.  Previously, CTE could only be diagnosed in dead players. Now, due to medical advances, living CTE is being diagnosed as former players struggle with the effects of the injury.  

The players claim that their employers (NFL teams) "routinely failed to care for their repetitive head injuries during their careers in a medically competent or meaningful manner that complied with any known published contact sports return-to-play guidelines at the time in which the injuries occurred."  The players want the NFL and Workers' Comp boards to acknowledge CTE as a "distinct occupational disease" that shows up in clinical diagnoses after the players retire.

Among the players participating in the Workers' Compensation lawsuit are Tony Gaiter, New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers, 1997-1998; Sedrick Irvin, Detroit Lions, 1999-2001; Warren Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1988-1992; Henri Crockett, Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings, 1997-2003; Ernest Givens, Houston Oilers, 1986-1994; Dexter Carter, San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets, 1990-1995; Tracy Scroggins, Detroit Lions, 1992-2000; William Floyd, Carolina Panthers, 1998-2000; and Quinn Gray, Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs, 2003-2008. 


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