Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Workers' Compensation Claim


If you are seriously injured at work, a workers’ compensation claim can help you get back on your feet. Unfortunately, insurance companies deny many legitimate claims for a variety of reasons. The following is a list of common reasons for claims being denied and how you can avoid that from happening to you.

What Can Get Your Claim Denied

  • Failing to report the injury within 90 days. The insurers may assume that if the report isn’t given immediately, you are not really hurt. In Iowa, this can be done formally in writing or verbally. It is better to prepare an incident report or put it in writing because the variables of memory, misunderstanding, and denial are eliminated.
  • Go to your appointments. Missing doctor and therapy appointments may indicate that the condition is not serious and give cause for denial of a claim.
  • If your injury was unwitnessed. If you get hurt at work and nobody saw your accident, be sure to immediately tell co-workers and supervisors. Also, be sure to tell the exact same thing about how the injury happened.
  • If there are discrepancies between initial medical records and your accident report. Inconsistencies often lead to denial of workers’ compensation claims. Be certain to be consistent in your account to everyone that you tell. Be clear on all of the details, but do not elaborate on your story.

Keep this advice in mind as you go through the process of submitting a workers’ compensation claim, and you will increase your chances of acceptance. Give the insurance company no reason to doubt your claim due to inconsistency, untimeliness, or negligence.

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