Need an Attorney for Workers Comp in Iowa?

An attorney for workers comp in Iowa will understand the most recent laws concerning the application process. The federal government designed the workers’ compensation program to assist employees injured while working. Employers are required to withdraw a percentage of an employee’s paycheck each pay period to fund the program. To encourage participation in the federally mandated workers’ compensation program, there are financial fines for failing to participate. While this is a federal program, each state has its own unique regulations. The state of Iowa keeps its citizens informed by providing workers’ compensation information in brochures or online.

Follow Guidelines

As people move to new locations, they must learn the most recent workers’ compensation rules in order to remain eligible for benefits in the case of an injury at work. An attorney for workers comp in Iowa is the best person to see when an employee has long-term injuries in order to verify they are following the guidelines to receive benefits. Pothitakis Law Firm located in Burlington, Iowa specializes in assisting clients in the area with the difficult workers’ compensation application process. Clients can visit offices in Keokuk or Burlington to talk to legal staff about their rights concerning receiving workers’ compensation.

Confidential Discussions

Employees with serious physical injuries from a job are entitled to workers’ compensation to help pay their living expenses and medical bills. An attorney for workers comp in Iowa at the Pothitakis Law firm can discuss cases confidentially with employees on the phone if they are unable to travel to an office for an appointment. Clients receive the first consultation free in order to determine if they have a case for claiming workers’ compensation in Iowa. Clients should collect their documentation such as medical records from physicians and hospitals to show to the legal team.

Complete Investigation

One of the best reasons to hire an attorney for workers comp in Iowa is to determine if an employer was negligent. Receiving workers’ compensation can prevent an injured individual from filing a lawsuit against an employer for negligence. Before filing for benefits, the Pothitakis Law Firm investigates the cause of injuries incurred by a client. The investigative process can include getting reports on machines, vehicles and chemicals used in the work environment that led to the injury. In many cases, the legal team must file documents in various jurisdictions to get paperwork concerning equipment and supplies involved in a workplace accident.

Aggressive Action

It is common for injured individuals to avoid filing for workers’ compensation due to retaliation from employers. In addition, many employers will fight the claim with allegations that the employee received their injuries at home or were impaired while working. In order to fight these false allegations, an injured worker must have an aggressive legal team ready to fight for their rights. An attorney for workers comp in Iowa will understand the different tactics used by employers to prevent injured workers from receiving financial benefits necessary to pay medical bills and living expenses.

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