Need To Know Iowa's Workers Compensation Laws

Know More about Iowa Worker’s Compensation Laws

Many workers in the Davenport area will have the unfortunate experience of being injured while on the job. Some injuries may seem relatively minor, but even minor injuries can prevent you from working for a certain period of time. They may also result in significant medical bills. Whether you have been affected by a minor or serious injury, you need to understand more about Davenport Iowa workmans compensation law, and Nicholas Pothitakis can help you do just that.

The fact is that not every who is injured at work will be covered under worker's compensation law, but most are. Some who have been covered by worker’s comp insurance have been erroneously told that they cannot file a claim, and this has prevented them from obtaining funds that are much needed after a work-related accident. Others may have gone through the claims process on their own and may have settled a claim for a significantly smaller amount of money than they actually should have received. Understanding more about the law is imperative to ensure that you obtain the fair amount of money that you are entitled to under worker’s compensation.

If you are thinking about filing a Davenport Iowa workmans compensation claim or are simply wondering if this is an option for you, you want to learn more about the worker’s compensation laws today. Nicholas Pothitakis has been working in this area of the law for many years, and he serves clients in Davenport as well as other nearby cities like Ottumwa, Iowa City, Bettendorf and Fairfield. If you are curious about what your rights are under the law, it makes sense to contact a lawyer who has spent his entire legal career fighting for the rights of workers like you.

With an initial consultation, you can indeed learn more about Davenport Iowa workmans compensation laws, and you can also learn more about your specific case. If you learn that you do have the ability to file a claim, you can also rely on Nicholas Pothitakis to stand beside you and to represent your interests throughout the claims process.


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