Work Comp Questions

You've been injured at work, and you can't pay your bills because you can't work anymore. If this describes you or someone important to you, call Pothitakis Law today with work comp questions. Sometimes it takes an expert to get the results. As one of the top work comp law firms in Iowa, Pothakis Law Firm serves clients come from Davenport,Iowa City, Ottumwa, Fairfield, Bettendorf and all over Iowa.

Hamsters on a Wheel

After an injury, some of our clients tell us that they feel like a hamster on a wheel. In order to get your worker's compensation, you have to jump through hoops. You go to doctors. You fill out papers and more papers. You show the evidence, but everyone just keeps asking for more. You are already exhausted, injured, and physically down, but you keep being told to run faster. This just adds layers of stress on top of the physical stress from your work-related injury. It isn't good for the human body, and it isn't good for someone who is worried about how to survive financially after a work-related injury.

Step Off the Wheel

If you are injured but still feel like you are running on that hamster wheel, step off safely by making a call to Pothitakis Law. As one of the leading work comp law firms in Iowa, our legal team focuses on the person. We see you as an individual, and we see that you are suffering. We've made it our business to fully understand your rights. We will apply that knowledge to the particulars of your case. Our ability to see you clearly helps us to make the best possible legal case for your worker's compensation.



Making A Difference

Workers' comp laws are there to make a difference when you are injured. As you consider other work comp law firms in Iowa, look to nationally-recognized Pothitakis Law. You may come from Iowa City, Fairfield, Ottumwa, Davenport, or Bettendorf, but remember our focus is not geography. Our focus is the case that we will build for you.



Niko Pothitakis
Attorney Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C.
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