Worker's Compensation Iowa

Accidents happen at work or while doing work. People get injured with horrible short-term and long-term impacts. Worker's compensation Iowa can be a hassle and maze. Companies and their insurance carriers know every trick in the book to keep people from getting their fair claims settled so they can move on with their lives. Even the worker's compensation insurance carrier can present significant roadblocks in terms of time and energy to getting proper settlements. This leaves workers and families scrambling for money to keep food on the table and roofs over their heads.

Common injuries requiring significant worker's compensation action include:

  • Hit by falling objects and moving things
  • Falling, slipping and sliding at work
  • Environmental hazards like toxic mold, chemicals, asbestos
  • Machinery accidents on farms and industrial sites
  • violence in the workplace, assaults on the job
  • Repetitive stress injuries to back, wrists, body
  • Driving collisions, accidents, related injuries

If you've been injured at work, your life is going to change. You may not be able to regain normal activity and resume work. Your family is at risk due to lost wages and related issues. The problem with getting what's due is that the deck is stacked against the regular guy. That's why you need help provided by experienced worker's compensation Iowa attorneys and staff like Pothitakis Law Firm serving Burlington, Keokuk and all of Southeaster Iowa including Des Moines, Lee, Louisa, Henry, Van Buren, Jefferson, Muscatina, and Washington counties.

Nicholas Pothitakis has written the book on how to deal with companies and worker's compensation Iowa claims. "The 7 Most Common Mistakes Made by Injured Iowa Workers" is an e-book available for free downloads to help acquaint injured workers with their rights.

Information not commonly appreciated, but important to know in worker's compensation Iowa claims includes:

  • You must notify employers immediately in case of injury
  • Failure to notify employers within 90 days negates claims
  • You must promptly get medical care and seek a second opinion
  • Failure to make medical appointments may kill your claim
  • Company insurance companies don't tell the truth
  • Never accept company insurance carrier offers
  • Worker's compensation Iowa insurance carrier is only legit source
  • Even the worker's compensation Iowa carrier minimizes claims
  • You need experienced counsel to navigate the process

Pothitakis Law Firm is on your side and can help significantly in getting just settlements in worker's compensation Iowa claims. Most people injured on the job haven't been injured before and don't realize that every bit of paperwork must be done exactly by the book or claims will be denied. This takes an an experienced workers comp lawyer. By working with our law firm, you get personal attention with all claim aspect.

Our firm is available for free, no-obligation consultations during which you can start the process of financial and emotional recovery. We concentrate on procedural issues so you can focus on the future. Feel free to call toll-free, email, or stop by one of our offices to start the process immediately with professionals who will represent your interests.

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